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Milan has 54 parks scattered around the city, including 21 gardens.

All of these are free to visit and some have special features and are for certain age brackets.

There are parks that are open 24 hours; others have specific opening and closing times and are not open 7 days a week.

To find a park near you and all the information you need, go to comune.milano.it and click “Aree Tematiche” (Thematic Area), “Verde” (Green), then “Parchi” (Parks).

Recreational Activities

The City encourages all residents to participate in activities for fun, exercise, and to meet other community members. Learn about fun activities in your neighborhood and opportunities to meet other people in your community on wemi.milano.it, by clicking “Quali Servizi” (What Services), then “Socializzazione e Condivisione” (Socialization and Sharing Services).


The City has 11 pools and 6 sport centres available to the public to provide greater opportunity to exercise.

To find a pool or sport centre near you, download the “Sport a Milan” app on Google Play or the App Store or look on the Milanosport.it website. The website also includes information about opening times, cost, courses available, how to register, and public transportation directions.

The City also offers 400 recreational spaces where you can exercise. Do not forget to check out the free activities!

Many associations also organize sports activities.

You can go to the Informagiovani (via Dogana, 2) or visit your local library for more information.


You can learn about the City of Milan’s services on wemi.milano.it.

WeMi allows you to find services for care and well-being that are offered by associations and cooperatives accredited by the City of Milan.

These services include childcare, elderly care, care for animals, and much more.


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