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Transport and Mobility

    • Taxis
    • Late Night Transportation
    • Garbage Collection and Recycling

You can book a taxi through the city’s official taxi service, Milan in Taxi:

The service automatically connects you to the nearest taxi stand and tells you the waiting times and the license plate.

Late Night Transportation

The District Radiobus is the late-night transportation service that operates nightly from 22:00 - 02:00 with 14 routes in Milan.

The routes are flexible and therefore only the end of lines and a number of special stops are guaranteed.

You can request the service by calling 02 4803 4803 or by using the ATM app starting at 13:00 on the day you want to use it. You can find more information and District Radiobus timetables by visiting atm.it

Garbage Collection and Recycling

Garbage and recycling are collected on certain days, depending on where you live. You can find out what days the garbage and recycling are collected in your neighborhood on servizizona.amsa.it by inputting your address.

Recycling is a priority in Milan. To help the City of Milan recycle, residents are asked to separate different types of garbage and place them into color-coded bags and bins, which are then collected on different days.

You can learn where, when and how to throw away the different types of garbage on amsa.it For special materials and types of waste, you may need to walk to a nearby community bin to dispose of them. This applies to glass, used clothing, batteries and expired drugs. For example, you can donate your used clothing by leaving it in yellow road bins that are located throughout the city.

The City of Milan assists residents with the disposal of furniture, appliances, and bulky waste through a special collection service that can be booked by calling 800 332299 or online on voluminosi.amsa.it.

Public Transportation

Milan has a well-established public transportation system and a large network of buses, trams, and metro. Choosing public transportation is affordable, good for the environment, and decreases the traffic on our roads.

The center of Milan has the best public transportation system in Italy with its 15 bus routes, 11 street-car lines, and 4 metro lines.

There is a discounted public transportation fare for students, people under 26 years of age, men over 60 years of age, women over 65 years of age, and families with children.

For example, families are not charged for children younger than age 5. Visit atm.it to discover the discounted fares available to you.

For more information on public transportation, you can call the infoline 02 4860 7607 from 07:30 to 19:00. For individuals with reduced mobility, the info line is active until 24:00.

There are multiple rideshare companies in Milan that allow you to use cars, scooters or bikes for a fee. The fee amount will vary according to the amount of time used or kilometers covered.

BikeMi is the City’s bike-sharing service, which allows you to access bike-sharing services daily for a small fee throughout the city from 07:00-01:00. You can register by using the BikeMi app or on bikemi.com

For guidance on how to navigate around the City of Milan by public transportation, car, bike, or taxi, visit yesMilano.it and click “Consigli Pratici” (Practical Advice), then “Muoversi Facilmente” (Move Easily).


Infopoint Politiche Sociali e Cultura della Salute is open to the public and will assess a resident’s needs, provide information, and refer residents to the most appropriate social services available from the City of Milan.

In particular, the Infopoint gives information on the services provided (locations, opening hours to the public, expected requirements, services provided by the individual service and/or office), and then directs the resident to the office or service that best meets the person’s needs.

The Infopoint also provides forms and documents regarding current socio-educational and social assistance services and initiatives.

The Infopoint for Social Policies and Culture of Health office is located in Largo Treves, 1 (ground floor) and is open to the public Monday to Friday from 08:30-12:00 and from 14:00-15:15.


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